BODYCAM: Officer Rescues Suicidal Woman from Bridge

Florida police released the minute-long footage that saved her life

By Calibre Press  |   Oct 4, 2016

Pensacola Officer Gregory Gomez responded to a call about a woman standing on overpass wall on I-10 on September 26. Bodycam video released by police department shows how Gomez snatched the woman off the ledge. Gomez, a retired Marine who recently got married, said the woman had several knives and a rope in her possession.

Gomez addresses the woman as he draws near, telling her: ‘Ma’am, come here. Don’t do it.’

He then asks: ‘Ma’am, are you alright? Are you OK? What’s the matter?’

Having received no response to his questions, and seeing that she was not paying attention to him, Gomez quickly approached the woman from behind and snatched her from the ledge.

Taking her by the hand, Gomez then instructed the woman to sit on the overpass, and asked if she had any weapons on her.

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Calibre Press

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