BODYCAM: How to Respond to a Difficult Situation

The video, which has been shared widely on social media, shows the critical difference between reaction & response

By Calibre Press  |   Aug 18, 2016


While Spokane Police Sergeant Eric Kannberg is being praised for his patience in dealing with a tough situation with a belligerent person, that individual is now saying he plans to sue.

At issue is body cam video the department posted to its Facebook page Wednesday that showed how Kannberg was dealing with one drunken individual when another person approached him and intervened. That video subsequently went viral on Facebook, racking up tens of thousands of views in the first 24 hours.

The man who contacted Kannberg, who was arrested on a third-degree assault charge, the arrest captured on video, says the police department shouldn’t have posted the video. The man’s attorney said the department should not have posted the video before the man who was arrested had his day in court.

The police department, however, says the video they posted wasn’t private, and they did it to show the patience Kannberg displayed in trying to peacefully resolve the situation.

“Everybody in the department was completely impressed by Sgt. Kannberg”s patience during this contact,” Spokane Police Sergeant Jordan Ferguson said.

[Publisher’s Note: Sgt. Kannberg did excellent work here. It’s worth reminding ourselves that an intoxicated or high subject is not a rational actor. They can be annoying and dangerous, and they often are. But, in cases such as this, as Kannberg exemplifies, patience is of the essence. As a wise person once said: Don’t let an idiot affect who you are.]


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