VIDEO: Traffic Stop, Fight, & Fatal Shooting [GRAPHIC]

Prosecutors released the video Monday, declining to pursue charges against any officers

By Calibre Press  |   Jun 6, 2016

The Washington County Prosecutor released dashcam video from the deadly shooting of Willie Tillman in April.

Washington County Prosecutor Matt Durrett decided not to file charges against any police officers, saying the shooting was justified.

Officer Brandon Jones stopped Tillman for driving without headlights on. Tillman exited the vehicle, but then jumped back in. Tillman then drove away with officers inside the vehicle.

Jones tried to use a taser to stop Tillman, but it was ineffective, according to police. During a struggle, the officer shot Tillman in the chest, abdomen and leg and the car came to a stop.

Tillman was taken to a hospital and treated for injuries, but died 18 days later.

Tillman’s sister Andrea Zachary watched the dashcam video.

“To hear him just crying out for his life. And begging and pleading and asking them to save him. And asking officers, ‘Why did you shoot me? I don’t have a weapon.’ To hear those things. They just play back in my mind and back in my mind. It’s enough to almost run you crazy,” Zachary said.

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