DASHCAM: Officer Shoots Suspect in Car

"Don't make me shoot you!" shouts the officer before the driver slams on the gas

By Calibre Press  |   Jun 28, 2016

Dramatic dash-cam video footage released by South Carolina authorities last week shows a police officer shouting at a teenage motorist — then firing seven times at the driver behind the wheel.

The incident occurred in May after Antwon Gallmon, 17, allegedly fled from police after a late-night 911 caller described loud music coming from a dead-end street outside Columbia, according to reports.

In the video, Forest Acres Police Officer Robert Cooper can be seen chasing a Honda sedan on foot. The car quickly reverses, and Cooper shouts at the driver.

“Stop, stop, stop,” Cooper says, with his gun trained on the driver. “Do not make me shoot you.”

The driver appears to raise one of his hands — the other is on the steering wheel. He then steps on the gas and, as his car begins zooming out of the frame, Cooper fires seven shots from close range.

Over his police radio, Cooper says that the driver “tried to hit me with the vehicle.”

Gallmon was injured in the incident, and authorities said they later discovered two pistols on his front seat. He was charged with several crimes, including weapons, drugs and stolen vehicle charges, as well as driving without a license.

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