VIDEO: Fatal Shootout in Baton Rouge

The suspect fired a minimum of 20 rounds from an AR-15 before being killed by officers

By Calibre Press  |   May 9, 2016

Video released by the East Baton Rouge (La.) District Attorney’s Office Monday of a Feb. 13 shootout between two Baton Rouge police officers and a 22-year-old man killed in the gunfight shows the officers were justified in shooting the gunman, the district attorney said Monday.

The video shows that officers Theodore Smith III and Sean Garic returned fire and shot Calvin Smith in self-defense in the harrowing encounter, District Attorney Hillar Moore III said at a news conference. Smith fired a minimum of 20 rounds from an AR-15 rifle while the two officers returned a minimum of 34 rounds during the gunfight that was estimated to have lasted about 20 seconds.

“The officers’ actions were not only warranted, but necessary to protect themselves and the public,” Moore said.

Both officers were wounded in the shooting. They have since recovered and returned to duty.

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