BODYCAM: Police Tase, Fatally Shoot Mentally Ill Man with Gun

A member of a community outreach team alerted officers to a man making threats against those in his apartment building

By Calibre Press  |   May 12, 2016

Wednesday, Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo released the following statement about the release of the videos:

To clarify a few things based on inquiries:

The footage here is not searchable on YouTube; it will not come up on Google or on YouTube based on queries and search results. However, any person with the web addresses below can access or embed the videos.

These are public records and the email below was their release and disclosure. The admonition was on behalf of the family and to remind people about the balance between accountability and privacy people strive for in Vermont. There is nothing preventing the widespread release of these public records beyond matters of individual judgment. The police department will not comment on the individual decisions that journalists and public officials make as a result.

YouTube was chosen because it is a no-cost way to simultaneously disclose these public records to a wide range of stakeholders with a legitimate interest in seeing them, doing so on an equal platform where these stakeholders have equal access regardless of their technical abilities or inclinations. There may come a time where the department elects to make them available to the general public directly, and reserves that right, based on the course of public discussion. As a courtesy and acknowledgement of their roles in matters of accountability, the videos were released to journalists and the press below in advance of an more general release.

The links comprise all of the footage of substance, with the exception of some attempts to make contact with Mr. Grenon by phone and in person. The footage has been edited in an attempt to protect the privacy and dignity of the deceased and his family while being as transparent as possible, and to comply with the acknowledged ethical standards of the police profession as regulated by the state of Vermont.


Chief del Pozo

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