Blauer Tactical: Sin City Symposium

By Calibre Press  |   May 23, 2016

Blauer Tactical Systems is back in Sin City for three consecutive events. If you missed last year’s tactical trilogy you have plenty of time to plan for this year’s courses.

1. SPEAR Symposium (1-day)

2. The Personal Defense Readiness Camp (2-day)

3. The SPEAR:PDR Trainers Course (2.5 days, this is a certification)

SPEAR System Summit

Like last year, we will be holding our SPEAR Trainers Summit the day before the camp. This is designed for law enforcement, military, firefighters and any active first-responder interested in the SPEAR System. No prior training with us is necessary.

SPEAR System Summit is August 5th.

  • The cost is $100.
  • BONUS: Sign up for the summit and attend the training camp for FREE – 2 more days of training at no charge.
  • CEUs, training credits, etc. We will issue participation diplomas to those who can use the training credit.
  • Open to ALL active LE/MIL, Firefighter, first responder (no prior SPEAR training necessary)
  • Click to view event

SPEAR  System Training Camp is August 6 & 7 

  • The annual SPEAR summer camp takes place Saturday & Sunday.
  • The cost is $150 for new attendees.
  • $99 if you are a graduate of any one of our courses.
  • PDR coaches, you train for FREE.
  • Click to view event

The camp is an amazingly fun time to train, learn, network and deepen your understanding of personal safety, situation awareness and street practical tactics.


If getting SPEAR certified has been a goal of yours, this is the event to attend! The Vegas PDR is different than other PDRs in that you get the 2-day camp thrown in for free – that’s two additional days of SPEAR immersion before you start the actual  train-the-trainer program.

The SPEAR:PDR runs August 7 – 9

  • We are offering a $250 early bird sign up this year.
  • PDR coaches, we have new return-coach pricing!
  • Attend the SPEAR:PDR trainers course, camp is FREE.
  • 4-days non-stop action.
  • Click to view event


– ‘Early-bird’ option for PDR.

– Massive discount to police, military, firefighters and other first-responders.

Visit the website registration for details. If you have other questions, email [email protected].

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