New Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration

University of Phoenix announces a degree program designed to help public safety professionals advance their careers in administration

By University of Phoenix  |   May 9, 2016

More than one-in-ten of the civilian workforce in the U.S. is employed by local, state and federal governments[1]. To help current and aspiring criminal justice and security professionals obtain education and training that prepares them for leadership positions in public administration, University of Phoenix® College of Security and Criminal Justice today announced the launch of a new Bachelor of Science in Public Administration. Students pursuing this degree will learn about public policy and management to help prepare them to advance within the growing field of public service.

“While on-the-job experience is invaluable, many local, state and federal agencies require a degree to complement and enhance that experience,” said Maj. Gen. James ‘Spider’ Marks (ret.), executive dean, University of Phoenix College of Security and Criminal Justice. “A bachelor’s degree in public administration will arm aspiring professionals with the leadership and management skills to navigate challenging policy decisions facing local government in cities across the country. University of Phoenix’s Bachelor of Science in Public Administration will provide students with the foundation to thrive in the world of public administration.”

Taught by faculty with an average of 23.6 years of experience in related industries, the bachelor’s program focuses on the regulatory, political, economic, social and cultural environments within public administration, as well as the soft skills leaders need to successfully manage their teams. Career opportunities for Public Administration graduates include local government, public sector, city directors, urban planning & development, and human services.

The University is now offering a bachelor’s degree along with its existing Master of Public Administration program. University of Phoenix offers educational opportunities to public service professionals throughout their careers.

“Our curriculum is designed to align with industry needs identified by top public service organizations throughout the country, and our courses are taught by police chiefs, former mayors and other industry leaders,” said Marks. “The College of Security and Criminal Justice is pleased to add this degree program to our educational offerings, and we look forward to providing students with the education and training they need to become innovative leaders in a large, and vitally important, sector of our employment landscape – public service.”

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