A Superior Alternative to Mobile Computer Upgrades

Data911’s new multi-function display interface will save you money while providing cutting-edge service

By Data911  |   May 27, 2016

Many agencies have belatedly discovered that the laptops, tablets and other mobile devices they installed are not ideal for in-car computing.  Officers have lodged a variety of complaints, such as the computers and docks consume too much space or the display size is too small to easily view, or sometimes the screen isn’t sunlight readable, while in other instances the device isn’t ergonomically safe to use when driving.  Rather than upgrading an entire computer system and further depleting already strained agency budgets, Data911 developed a more effective and affordable solution.

The new Data911 Multi-Function Display Interface (MDI) System enhances any Windows-driven laptop, tablet or comparable mobile device with a USB port, using it as the main CPU source.  Moreover, it includes Data911’s sunlight-readable, rugged LED M7+ mulit-touch screen display.  Now, virtually any hardware device can be configured to access Data911’s multi- touch screen capability, regardless of whether or not the CPU is mulit-touch screen equipped.  Data911’s display is so dependable, it’s warranted for up to 10 years.

Another notable benefit is a safer cockpit environment.  The MDI can be mounted in the glove box, under the seat, in the trunk, center console or any other location that doesn’t interfere with the driver or passenger.  The display is dash-mounted so that it’s ergonomically optimized and air bag compliant.  But one of the key safety aspects is that the CPU source can be located any place in the vehicle where it won’t pose a danger to the occupants, including the trunk, yet the in-car system continues to function normally.  Officers can even step outside the vehicle while using a portable device without affecting the system’s performance.  And because Data911’s MDI unit is hot dockable, rebooting isn’t necessary when removing the CPU device.

The new MDI system is the brainchild of Data911 engineers after listening to customer feedback, and is exclusively manufactured at their US-based facility. They also offer the option of adding a rugged detached backlit keyboard to the MDI System.  Alternatively, when the MDI is paired with the Data911 TX1 Tablet and KX1 keyboard, it creates a removable device while still maintaining all the built-in benefits of Data911’s touch and multi-touch displays. Of course, there’s always the option to upgrade to the fully integrated Data911 M7 Mobile Computer System for maximum features and functionality.

The MDI System is just another example of Data911’s dedication to developing mobile solutions that are tailor made for public safety.


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