BODYCAM: Ludlow, Ky., Traffic Stop OIS

Another example of how encounters can go from compliant to defiant in the blink of an eye

By Calibre Press  |   Mar 11, 2016

Great work by the officers involved and Good Samaritan James Megerle, who came to Officer Samuel Hodge’s aid after a violent encounter stemming for a Dec. 22, 2015, traffic stop. And thank you to River City News for editing and captioning this video.


Officer Hodges pulled Charles Reynolds over on a Tuesday night in a grocery store parking lot. Reynolds, who was known to have anti-government leanings, complied at first after stepping out of his vehicle. But when Hodges asked Reynolds to turn around, the encounter gets tense. Reynolds reaches into his waistband. Shots are fired.

Nearly three months later, on Thursday, Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders released the video to The River City News at the conclusion of the investigation by the Kentucky State Police (standard procedure in an officer-involved shooting) and after his office’s own review. Hodge’s use of force was justified, Sanders said, in a letter to the state police.

“Under these circumstances, considering the situation from Officer Hodge’s perspective, as required by law, there is no probable cause to believe the use of deadly force was anything but justified,” Sanders wrote. “Thus I find no probable cause to believe any crime was committed by Officer Hodge. His use of deadly force was clearly justified and reasonable.”

For a complete report on what happened, click here.

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