DASHCAM: Deputy Shot at During Speedy Chase

Police have located suspects & expect prosecution as part of a larger drug case

By Calibre Press  |   Mar 24, 2016

The Smith County Sheriff’s Office released dashcam video from a high-speed pursuit that happened Monday.

The video shows a deputy chasing the suspect at a high-rate of speed. A short time later, sparks strike the road in front of the patrol vehicle and the deputy is heard screaming, “Shots fired!”

Tyler police identified one of three suspects in the chase as Jeremy Robinson. His bond was set at $2,000,000. Robinson was located at a south Tyler hotel Tuesday. Tyler police, SWAT and Smith County sheriff’s deputies were spotted Tuesday conducting surveillance on the suspect while warrants were secured.

Sheriff Larry Smith says there were three people in the vehicle but expects to charge more in connection to the crime.

“Due to the attempt to kill one of the deputies, we’re going to use every law in the book. Do whatever we need to do, uncover every rock we need to uncover to get everyone involved in it. The ones not even in the vehicle could be held culpable in that act,” Smith said.

Smith says the chase stemmed from a long term drug investigation. “We have quite a bit of investigation to be done. Unrelated to the actual shooting but related to the original investigation.”

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