VIDEO: Watch Your Speed!!!!!!!

Video shows exactly why & how too much speed is dangerous

By Calibre Press  |   Jan 6, 2016

This video was released by the driver, purportedly to warn other drivers not to drive like, well, you’ll see.

The point is, watch your speed and wear your seatbelt. That’s what Below 100 says, and it’s for good reason. Fifty of the 129 police LODDs in 2015 were in vehicle-related incidents. 

The car in this video looks to be a Subaru Forrester or similar small SUV. As agencies look to increase the carrying capacity of vehicles, more and more officers are driving SUVs. This means a higher center of gravity and greater rollover risk.

Again: Slow down and wear your belt. Even if you’re willing to incur the risk yourself, consider your family, your brothers and sisters in blue and the people you are sworn to protect. Do the right thing.

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