VIDEO: Spokane Releases OIS Footage

A knife-wielding man is shot & wounded at a gas station (multiple perspectives)

By Calibre Press  |   Jan 15, 2016

Two officers fired on a suspect who was armed with a knife, and trying to carjack people on Division Street in Nov. 2015. The video was released Wednesday.

Suspect Tyler Randant

remains in jail. Several cell phone videos, a gas station surveillance video, and police body cameras reveal exactly what happened moments before the two officers fired their weapons hitting Randant.

“Drop the knife!” one officer yells.

In the video you can see officers trying to get Randant to drop his knife and cooperate, but instead he takes off running.


At one point, officers said Randant even held the knife to his own throat. As officers chased Randant surveillance video from inside the gas station on Division shows the employee inside quickly realizes the danger and makes a potentially lifesaving decision to lock the front doors.

As she is locking the door, you can see Randant in the video run toward her and quickly change his mind and instead head for the SUV at the gas pump.

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