It went from "zero to 100" said the officer, who was attacked with a snow shovel

By Calibre Press  |   Jan 5, 2016

This video from Salt Lake City, January 2015, shows a confrontation between James Dudley Barker and Officer Matthew Taylor that turned deadly quickly. Taylor was investing a report from a neighbor that Barker was behaving strangely, when Barker attacked the officer with a snow shovel.

Taylor said he fell off the porch and realized his arm was broken, according to a report released Monday by District Attorney Sim Gill. Taylor said he grabbed his Taser because he couldn’t reach his gun. But Barker “jumped on him” and hit the Taser out of his hand, Taylor told investigators.

Barker also grabbed at Taylor’s “gun or holster at least twice,” Taylor said.

“I know if he gets my gun, he’s going to kill me,” Taylor said, noting that he was especially concerned that Barker hadn’t fled after knocking Taylor off the porch.

“I’ve had guys fight me, but they run away,” Taylor told investigators. “When I got knocked off, [Barker] had plenty of time to run away. He’s still coming … grabbing for my gun. His one goal was to try and kill me.”


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