VIDEO: Fatal Shootout with Carjacker

By Calibre Press  |   Dec 8, 2015
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Seattle Police Department investigators are piecing together the trail of a 35-year-old violent felon after he brandished two handguns at several downtown businesses Sunday, carjacked three vehicles and fired on officers before a fatal confrontation with police in Northeast Seattle.

Police were first called about a suspect from staff at a coffee shop.  The suspect reportedly entered the store, visibly sweating and acting nervously.  Employees called 911 when they noticed the man manipulating a handgun in his pocket.

The man then entered another store and confronted an employee.  The suspect flashed a handgun at an employee and then fled to another store.

The suspect brandished two handguns at employees and demanded to be directed to the back door of the business.  At this point, the suspect carjacked a Volkswagen at gunpoint.

The man then drove the vehicle to the UW Athletic center where confronted a man and stole his minivan.

The suspect drove to a car rental lot, where he stole a Chevy Camaro at gunpoint.  At this point, officers were able to locate the suspect in the Camaro and began pursuing him.

The pursuit ended when officers collided head0on with the suspect’s vehicle.  The suspect reportedly pointed his

Gun found at scene

gun at officers and began maneuvering the Camaro towards the police.  The police opened fire.

The suspect died at the scene with two guns found in his possession.

No citizens or officers were significantly injured during the incident.

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