Street Survival: 36 Years Strong!

Timely advice & timeless tactics make for a modern classic

By Calibre Press  |   Dec 8, 2015

Now, more than ever, cops are under a microscope. We are under immense pressure to do our jobs perfectly and be able to defend our actions to the public, courts, and administrators. The power of the public perception cannot be overstated.

The good news: Knowledge is power.

We serve a purpose as law enforcement. We are guardians of democracy, who uphold the law of the land and protect the innocent. Despite anything our detractors might hurl at us, we must never forget this noble purpose.

The Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar was born out of our classic 1980 book by the same name. The message has evolved over time, but the mission remains the same: to empower the individual officer to make decisions that will leave him or her safer, smarter, and more successful. We take timely news and media and marry them with the timeless principles that have served our profession for generations.

The seminar is a place to share stories, acquire knowledge to bring back to the street, and reaffirm that sense of purpose that got you into this line of work. Click here for the course schedule or reach out to our sales staff to schedule a seminar of your own.


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Calibre Press has 37 years in the business of keeping officers safer, smarter and more successful, from rookie to retirement.
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