BODYCAM: Suicide by Cop Thwarted with Savvy

Officer talks man in potential suicide-by-cop scenario into standing down

By Calibre Press  |   Dec 11, 2015

The videos from deputies’ body cameras show the unfolding of a real-life scenario like those that have led to officer involved fatal shootings in other places around the nation.

A man holds a knife by his side. Shenandoah County deputies Erin Brogan, Timothy Wakeman and John Armentrout stand a few feet away, guns drawn, shouting at him to drop the knife.

The suspect, Corbyn Lee Rush, 38, of 132 Silver Court, Maurertown, wanders about unsteadily, urging the deputies to “just kill me,” as they continue alternately ordering and pleading with him to drop the knife.

“Just calm down, Corbyn,” one of the deputies tells him.

A couple of officers from Strasburg and Woodstock appear and fire Taser projectiles at Rush. Rush is hit but seemingly unfazed and, as he reaches to pluck a Taser prong from his torso, he drops the knife. The deputies dash toward Rush, pulling him to the ground, where he is handcuffed and subdued. No bullets were fired. No one harmed, except for a couple of small puncture wounds where the Taser projectiles hit Rush.


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