BODYCAM: Officer Struck by Vehicle

Truck slams approaching officer

By Calibre Press  |   Nov 3, 2015

[Publisher’s Note: We have seen several instances lately in which dashcam video captures a suspect, either willfully or not, attempting to run down the approaching officer (or at least the officer perceives that this is the case). In some cases the officer involved has opened fire (here and here). In this case the officer did not.]

On Oct. 9, 2015, Lieutenant Holguin of Sunland Park Police Department was attempting to stop a suspected DWI driver. The driver stopped in a cul-de-sac but then proceeded to drive directly at Lt. Holguin. Lt. Holguin was struck in the right hip, and his left leg was run over. The driver was found and arrested the next day. Lt. Holguin sustained some injuries to his leg but has been able to return to service.

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