WEBCAST: Unarmed Doesn’t Mean Not Deadly

Dominant media narratives and the story the actual data tells

By Calibre Press  |   Oct 13, 2015


This webcast was broadcasted  on October 22nd.  Dale Stockton, co-founder of Below 100 and 30-year police professional, in conversation with Nick Selby, lead author of “Unarmed Civilians & The Police: Analysis of the StreetCred PKIC Data” and Texas police officer. They discussed the unarmed citizens American law enforcement has killed in 2015, including data trends, media and community reactions, training tips and more. Don’t miss this critical conversation!

Key Links:

Study: http://www.streetcredsoftware.com/?p=769

Overview: http://www.streetcredsoftware.com/pkic

Methodology: http://www.streetcredsoftware.com/pkic/pkic-methodology/

Raw Data Repository: http://github.com/StreetCredSoftware/

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