Investigator Shot and Killed

By Calibre Press  |   Oct 18, 2015

Investigator SandbergInvestigator Steve Sandberg was shot and killed while guarding a prisoner at St. Cloud Hospital, in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

St. Cloud Hospital staff had asked for a sheriff’s deputy to monitor a man during his time in the hospital due to the “seriousness” of the domestic incident he was allegedly involved in, St. Cloud Hospital vice president Kurt Otto said.

At approximately 5:15 am the subject attacked and disarmed Investigator Sandberg in the hospital room. The man then fatally shot Investigator Sandberg with his own service weapon.

Another deputy was able to subdue the subject with a Taser. The man died a short time later from an unknown cause.

Investigator Sandberg had served with Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office for 24 years.

More Information from and NBC News

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