DASHCAM: Officer Slammed by Car

Officer injured after recognizing woman who's license he knew was suspended

By Calibre Press  |   Oct 29, 2015

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Auburn Hills, Mich., police are released dashcam video and transcripts of a traffic stop during which a 22-year-old woman injured an officer who was trying to arrest her for driving with a suspended license.

The video shows Officer Martin Mikolajczak turning on his lights and following a Chrysler Concord to the BP gas station at the intersection of Opdyke and Pontiac roads around 2:00 a.m. October 23.

“You’re Breianna right?” He asks Breianna Smart.

Auburn Hills police say Mikolajczak recognized Smart from back in August, when he ticketed her for driving the wrong way. He noticed she was driving with a suspended license.

“Did you know your license is suspended?” He can be heard asking.

Mikolajczak: “Alright, put your hands behind your back.”

The two converse, but Smart clearly has no intention of compliance. Eventually she speaks into her cellphone, which Mikolajczak has by this point repeatedly asked her to put away: “He’s putting hands on me, Jaylen.”

Mikolajczak : “Put your hands behind your back, miss.”

Smart: “Jaylen, he’s touching me. He’s hurt…he’s hitting me. Jaylen, you need to come up here.”

Clearly, thanks to the dashcam, Mikolajczak had done nothing of the sort.


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