DASHCAM: Fatal Shooting through Window

By Calibre Press  |   Oct 21, 2015

[Publisher’s Note: The shooting takes place off-camera, at around the 4:45. It’s worth noting that the dashcam, and likely any bodycams worn, would not have captured the event because of the angles involved. Also: For those of you trying to view this video on a mobile device, the available video does not yet support that. Check back soon.]

A police officer who fatally shot an unarmed man through the window of her squad car was justified in her actions, Des Moines Police Chief Dana Wingert said in an interview Monday.

Wingert said Officer Vanessa Miller’s use of deadly force against 28-year-old Ryan Keith Bolinger of West Des Moines was justified after Bolinger abruptly approached her vehicle following a police chase.

Miller’s actions are “consistent with what a reasonable person would do in that situation,” Wingert said. “There is not a policy violation. It was (Miller’s) reaction in that moment. That’s the standard not just for a police officer, but any reasonable person. It’s the standard used by the grand jury.”

A grand jury previously declined to indict Miller in the death after deliberating on the case in August.

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The following video, from Officer Miller’s cruiser, shows the moments leading up to the shooting.

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