VIDEO: One Incident, Two Angles

By Calibre Press  |   Sep 16, 2015

The Trinity Police Department posted a video from a traffic stop on the evening of August 29th .  The video includes both dash cam and body cam footage.   Trinity Police department posted the video to raise awareness regarding the limitations of video.  Often the totality of the situation is not captured from one recording at one angle.

From the Trinity Police Department:

“We put together a quick video from an arrest that happened this past weekend. The video will show two things.

Based on the dash cam video, you might assume that Officer Wheeler is being overly aggressive towards the driver for no reason. If Officer Wheeler would have shot the driver, it could have sparked an outrage based on that limited view.

Now, with Officer Wheeler’s body camera you will learn how dangerous the stop could have been. Officer Wheeler had a split second to decide to shoot or not to shoot the driver.

What would you have done?

*The next time you see a questionable video involving law enforcement, remember this video and remember there could be more to it that you cannot see. Show your intelligence by reserving your judgmental comment until the facts are revealed.

“Officers have a split second to make a decision. Sometimes that decision is not always the best, but that decision is always a result of your actions. Officer Wheeler did an outstanding job controlling this situation.” – Chief Steven Jones

This video is a small example of how fast that decision making process can escalate to a bad situation for law enforcement.

The driver in this video had a traffic warrant for his arrest.  Following the arrest, the driver was charged with unlawful carrying of a weapons, possession of controlled substances, bringing a prohibited substance into a correctional facility, and tampering with evidence.”



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