VIDEO: Man Shot When He Pretends to Pull Weapon

By Calibre Press  |   Sep 29, 2015

Surveillance Video of an officer involved shooting in Baltimore County, Maryland was released late last week.  The video shows Keith Harrison McLeod aggressively advancing towards a police officer.  As the officer had his gun drawn and was attempting to create distance, McLeod pretends to draw a weapon.  In response to that action, the officer shot McLeod three times, fatally wounding him.

“My police officer had one second to make a life or death decision,” said Chief James Johnson.

Witnesses at the scene told detectives that the officer was pleading with McLeod to stop.

“The suspect on the other hand, according to witnesses and others, repeatedly use profanities, screamed and yelled at the officer, ‘I’m going to kill you. I’m going to kill you. I’m going to kill you’,” Chief Johnson said.

Police say Officers were initially called to the scene because McLeod was attempting to use a fake prescription at a pharmacy.

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Surveillance Video:

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