BODYCAM: Mark Adair Shooting

Officers cleared in shooting; prosecutor cites bodycam evidence

By Calibre Press  |   Aug 11, 2015

Boone County (Mo.) Prosecutor Doug Abele announced Monday the officers were justified in shooting 51-year-old Mark Adair in April. One officer was with the Columbia police department and the other was a University of Missouri officer.

Abele says footage from an officer’s body camera confirmed information from the officers and witnesses. They say the incident began after officers saw Adair confronting some women in the parking garage. He was shot several times when he would not stop struggling with an officer to get his gun.

The MU officer found Adair talking with three women in the garage, Abele said, in what the women “called an uncomfortable conversation.” The officer had the patrol car’s lights activated and told Adair he needed to speak with him, but Abele said Adair pulled what “looked exactly like a large caliber handgun” before the officer got past his door. Abele said the weapon later was found to be an air pistol.

Authorities believe Adair tried to rob and sexually assault another woman before going to the parking garage.


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