A True Police Athlete

In his first year competing at the WPFG, Officer Melvin Ceasar entered 10 events and medalled in 10 events

By Crawford Coates  |   Aug 5, 2015

The World Police and Fire Games are held every two years, bringing thousands of public safety professionals from dozens of countries together to compete before crowds in the tens of thousands. This past June – July, the WPFG were held in Fairfax, Va., and one of the competitors there–his first time competing–was Officer Melvin Ceasar of the Sugarland (Texas) PD.

Ceasar entered ten events and medalled in ten events (three gold, three silver and four bronze)! A natural athlete, he admits it was tough training for the games, but well worth it. We chatted recently to discuss why fitness is so important to him and to this profession, and how he keeps motivated.

If you’re interested in participating in the games, they will be held in Montreal in 2017 and Chengdu, China, in 2019. 8283130da59b6ec55cba3faa-1 (1)

Well done, Officer Ceasar!

CC: How did you get involved in the Police and Fire Games?

MC: I started by participating in the Texas Police Games in 2010 – 2014 (track and field). Then I competed in the U.S. Police and Fire Games in 2013-2014 (track and field). I worked really hard in order to compete in the World Police and Fire Games (2015).

CC: Have you always been interested in fitness?

MC: I have been interested in fitness since a young age. Growing up with older cousins that played football and ran track pushed me to become stronger and faster. Lifting weights and playing sports has played a big role in me staying fit over the years.

CC: Any tips for someone who’s let their fitness slide? Any inspiration?

MC: Staying in shape as we get older can be challenging. If you miss one day it turns into a month and so on. Try and challenge yourself. Start off slow and work your way up to your goal. If it doesn’t hurt it’s not working. It’s not easy to be honest. I have my cheat days were I eat the bad stuff that tastes too good. My inspiration to being fit is my two daughters. I live for them and being healthy is worth the pain it takes to stay fit.

CC: Why is fitness important to this profession?

MC: I feel that fitness is important as a police officer because being an officer can be physically and mentally challenging. Better fitness will prevent injuries on and off the job.

CC: Any parting words?

MC: I would like to thank the Sugar Land Police Association and Community Bank of Texas (Sugar Land) for their support. Would also like to thank Calibre Press for the coverage and ongoing support of this profession.

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