Webcast: The Dave Leighty Incident

By Calibre Press  |   Jul 20, 2015

Nov. 11, 2013 started out as a typical third shift for Officer Dave Leighty of the Westerville (Ohio) Police Department. He observed a 2004 Ford Taurus failing to display a license plate light shortly after 1:00 a.m. Leighty followed the car, ran the license plate, and learned that the registered owner had a suspended driver’s license. What happened next was a fight for his life, in which razor-sharp instincts and rock-solid tactics ensured his survival.

Sgt. Scott Hughes, who has interviewed Officer Dave Leighty extensively, brings his wealth of experience to understand this event, and how it played out as it did, with Officer Leighty going home despite the brazen motivation of the suspect to kill him.

Calibre Press thanks WatchGuard Video for making this webcast possible!  

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