VIDEO: Raw Bodycam from Excessive Force Case

The Colorado officer has since been fired over the incident

By Calibre Press  |   Jul 7, 2015

The Federal Heights (Colo.) police officer seen brutalizing a handcuffed man was fired, according to the police chief. [Editor’s Note: For Scott Hughes take on this, click here.]

Bodycam video from the officers shows former officer Mark Magness slam the handcuffed man face-first into a door. Magness later punches the man repeatedly in a jail cell, leaving his nose and chin dripping with blood.

The incident occurred in early December.

On Tuesday, Police Chief Karl Wilmes confirmed that department employees reported Magness to command staff and an internal affairs investigation was immediately launched on Dec. 6, 2014. The officer was fired Dec. 29 for “significant violations of policy,” the chief said.

The chief added that the second officer shown in the body-cam video was disciplined but remains on the police force. Wilmes would not release the second officer’s name or the specifics of his discipline, calling it a personnel matter.

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