VIDEO: Fatal OIS in Colorodo

By Calibre Press  |   Jul 6, 2015
fatal ois colorado

Officer Ron Arlint from the Trinidad (Colo.) Police Department was sent to investigate a report of trespassers occupying a vacant trailer. Arlint confronted the trespasser and ordered him to get on the ground. As you can see in the video, below, the man refuses to comply and points a gun at Arlint. The confrontation that leads to the fatal OIS begins at the 1:45 mark.

Investigators obtained video from Arlint’s body camera as part of the investigation.

“From viewing the video obtained from Ofc. Arlint’s body cam, it is obvious suspect Todd Jamal Dye refused to comply with Ofc. Arlint’s lawful orders and chose to confront Ofc. Arlint with a deadly weapon, pointing a loaded semi-automatic pistol at Ofc. Arlint forcing Ofc. Arlint to engage Todd Jamal Dye with deadly force,” the Colorado Department of Investigation said in its report.

More details at KRDO

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