To the Armchair Quarterbacks …

You can't criticize what you don't understand

By Tony Blauer  |   Jul 2, 2015

In sport fights, most of the audience are arm-chair quarterbacks who criticize fighters for not fighting the way they think a fight should go down. It’s funny being at a fight and listening to them yelling, “Hit him!” “Do a XYZ rolling-unicorn sweep into a ninja strike!” “Get up you f****n pansy!”

It’s amazing what you hear at the fights. Interestingly, those who’ve fought or do fight are pretty quiet at fights. They’re intently taking it all in, slipping imaginary blows, holding their breath. Vicariously, they’re in the ring or cage too. They may yell encouragement to their athlete of choice, but for the most part they aren’t judgmental.

But this is all sport.

In combat sports there are rules, mouth guards, cups, gloves, ropes or a fence, a padded floor, medics, weight classes, a referee and only one opponent and zero hand-held weapons …

I would love for the millions of armchair quarterbacks of law enforcement fights to have the courage and integrity to do what this reverend does. Folks, You don’t get to do color commentary for a fight you’ve never experienced.

WFSB 3 Connecticut

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Tony Blauer
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