July: Hacktivists vs. Law Enforcement

It's been a busy month ...

By Elijah Woodward  |   Jul 30, 2015

As the information warfare continues with hacktivists, Law Enforcement is finding itself targeted more and more.

As has become quite common over the last year since the Darren Wilson shooting in Ferguson, MO, cyber attacks against law enforcement are coinciding with other activist activities. The folks conducting these cyber activist attacks, calling themselves “hacktivists,” have been quite active this last month.

In Canada on July 16, a protestor was shot and killed. This has resulted in various cyber attacks against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police webpage that knocked it offline temporarily, and even leaked sensitive details about the Canadian government espionage activities as a result of the shooting.COlorado FOP

Additionally, on July 13th the Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Twitter account made a comment about the shooting of a subject with a knife that lead to the subject’s death.


After this, a torrent of outrage deluged the Colorado FOP website, which has subsequently been attacked and gone offline. Since then, the Colorado FOP Twitter has gone to protected mode.ColoradoFOP Twitter

Even though the link to their website, coloradofop.org, is still listed on the twitter account, a quick check of uptrends.com’s availability tester also shows that the website is still down.

Well, now it’s Waller County Texas’ turn to have their story of run-ins with hackers.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last week or two and missed it, a female by the name of Sandra Bland died in custody on July 13th at the Waller County Sheriff’s Department. Various theories abound, and while the police state she committed suicide, various activist groups are claiming she was murdered and a cover-up has ensued. This has led to one particular hacker group claiming that they have breached the servers of Waller County Sheriff’s Department, and they are going to release the information. It should be noted that in the last several days they have been hinting that they obtained sensitive information, and they’ve been reaching out to the other portions of the Anonymous hacker collective to help spread the word.Giftfor

Earlier today they posted a video and stated they had a “gift” for the Waller County Sheriff’s Department they would release on August 8th which is being termed a “day of rage” for Sandra Bland. However, should their online presence become popular enough ahead of time, they have offered to release the information immediately.

It should be noted that the actor who has posted this information has a background on their twitter with 1’s and 0’s that spells out a message in binary code that states, “Antisec is back.” Antisec is the group that breached the Arizona Department of Public Safety during the outrage surrounding Arizona SB1070 law in 2011.binary code

Stay tuned, as there will be more to this story soon, no doubt!


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Elijah Woodward
Elijah Woodward is the owner of SavageCyberSpace.com, a security consulting company focusing on information and cyber security as well as physical security. He has 10 years of law enforcement experience working in patrol, motors, and community resources. He is a member of the FBI’s InfraGard program, and the High Technology Crime Investigator’s Association. Elijah believes that law enforcement is in a prime position to address the issues of cyber crime and fraud, and it will be cops at the local level who will have the greatest impact on these new crimes as they continue to plague our communities. Reach him at [email protected]