Video: Gunfight at Dallas Police Headquarters

By Calibre Press  |   Jun 16, 2015

James Boulware attacked the headquarters of the Dallas Police Department with gunfire and explosives early on Saturday was found dead inside a van after a standoff that ended when police snipers shot him, authorities said.

The hours-long drama began soon after midnight when the suspect riddled police headquarters with bullets and left behind at least two devices in duffle bags that later exploded, police said. The attack shattered windows and left bullet holes in the building’s walls and in squad cars parked outside.

The assailant, driving what police said appeared to be an armored van, then rammed a patrol car and led police on a high-speed chase to a fast-food restaurant in Hutchins, about 10 miles (16 km) south of the city, where he was later killed.

The following video shows the shooting between James Boulware and Dallas Police Officers outside of Dallas headquarters.

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