VIDEO: Officer Attacked by Hit and Run Suspect

By Calibre Press  |   Apr 4, 2015

Two brothers are now facing aggravated assault and battery charges.

Police say around 11:30 Tuesday night they were called to a DUI hit and run.

In the video, Michael Soto can be seen resisting arrest and yelling. Sgt. White continues to tell him to stay on the ground and says if Soto doesn’t, he’ll get tased.

At that time a second officer arrives on scene, Sgt. Aaron Smith. Things start to go downhill again. Police say Soto continues to fight back and breaks through his handcuffs. Sgt. White is forced to use his taser.

Police say Soto’s brother, Ismael Soto, became enraged when Sgt. White tased his brother, so he ran and lunged at Sgt. White.

“Tackling him into his police car and was able to get on top of him where he started hitting the officer,” said Sgt. Lewis.

Michael Soto also gets up and attacks Sgt. Smith. Police say the other people watching jumped in to help and pulled the Soto brothers off the officers.

Both officers only had minor scrapes and bruises.

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