Fitness Challenge: Current Top Dogs

By Crawford Coates  |   Apr 10, 2015

Detective Sgt. Steven Fink of the Abington Police Department sent this video, and it’s impressive! The departement took Calibre Press fitness expert Greg Amundson’s challenge as an opportunity to jump-start the department’s new physical fitness program.

“The attached video is of Officer Drew Kent, running an 80-second 400m, followed by a 275-lb. bench (for a score of 195),” writes Det. Fink. “This was impressive, but there were several other impressive entries by the Abington Police. Officer Joe Fallon ran a 75-second 400m, followed by a 315-lb. bench press (but as luck would have it, our camera malfunctioned during this taping so I am unable to submit). Our patrol commander, Lt. Pat Molloy is leading from the front with a 75 second run and a 245 bench press. Officer Shawn Williams, 49 years old, and out of the police academy for 24 years, ran 75 seconds and bench pressed 250.”

“These times are just stellar,” says Greg Amundson. “I applaud their enthusiasm, as evident in the video. But more than that, I applaud their commitment to to themselves, each other and this profession. These guys serve their community well, you can just feel it!”

We at Calibre Press believe that good police work requires total preparedness, and fitness is the foundation. Remember: The point of this challenge is not to see who is fastest or strongest or better, but for everyone to try and have fun together. Hopefully you enjoy it so much that you make challenges like this part of your routine.

“I am impressed with all officers who competed today,” writes Fink, “and a special thanks to Calibre Press for hosting the competition and for truly caring about officer safety.”

If you think you can do better than these officers, click here for details. But in short, have a friend record your performance and send the recording to me, Crawford [at], with the time in the subject line. Be safe and have fun!

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Crawford Coates

Crawford Coates

Crawford Coates is the author of Mindful Responder: The First Responder's Field Guide to Improved Resilience, Fulfillment, Presence, & Fitness--On & Off the Job and the publisher at Calibre Press.
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