VIDEO: Noncompliant Man Pulled from Car

Man says he feared police and therefore refused compliance

By Calibre Press  |   Mar 17, 2015

The Philadelphia man, saying he feared being another Michael Brown, also repeated, “I can’t breathe.”

Bordentown (N.J.) Police have also released dashcam video of the incident. Click here for the dashcam video. 

“The ‘hands up/don’t shoot’ pretext needs to be analyzed and studied in the same way progressive DT trainers analyze pre-contact indicators and how to counter them,” says self-defense expert Tony Blauer. “This should be being discussed [yesterday] in every police department, with strategies being discussed followed by role-playing exercises. This will create more competence and confidence in the officers and it’ll lay a foundation for the them legally as well. The aftermath of the recent Mike Brown incident and other high profile cases like that is making officers second-guess themselves and that’s affecting their presence–which is No. 1 on every force option continuum.

“The mind navigates the body–if you’re unsure of the scenario, it’ll affect your speech and tactics as well,” says Blauer.

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