VIDEO: Ohio Trooper attacked on Greyhound

The Trooper recovers as the attacker is out on bail, facing multiple felonies

By Calibre Press  |   Mar 10, 2015

The bus driver, concerned about a passenger’s aggressive and erratic behavior, pulled to the side of the interstate between Columbus and Cleveland and summoned police. As Trooper Tressa Winans began to speak with the agitated woman at the front of the bus, the trooper is suddenly attacked and the fight spilled out onto the roadside.

With help from the driver and a passenger, Trooper Winans was pulled from the attack. The alleged attacker, Antoinette Taylor, 26, is free on bond and facing multiple felony charges related to the attack.

“This is the new world order,” says Tony Blauer, self-defense expert and founder of the SPEAR System. “And most officers are not being prepared for this. The emotional and psychological assault happens faster than the physical, and if that officer hasn’t been exposed to intelligent role-playing and situational awareness drills in confined spaces, more and more officers will become victims of assaults like this.”

(For Blauer’s classic article on this topic, see “Presumed Compliance.”)

The video was recorded and uploaded to YouTube by Zach Baugh, a passenger on the bus. Trooper Winans suffered abrasions from the attack and has been released from the hospital. We wish her well!

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