VIDEO: Officer Charged With Assault

By Calibre Press  |   Feb 15, 2015

A Madison, Ala., police officer has been charged with the third-degree assault of Sureshbhai Patel.

Police Chief Larry Muncey has said officer Eric Parker’s actions were not in line with the Madison Police Department standards, and he will be recommending Parker’s immediate termination.

“I sincerely apologize to Mr. Patel, Mr. Patel’s family, and our community,” Muncey said at a press conference Thursday.

“This is an excellent video which illustrates an officer’s split second decision that ultimately can end their career and result in criminal prosecution,” says Calibre Press trainer Keith Wenzel. “Many will side with the officer, justifying his tactics based on his perception caused by the suspects demeanor. Others will view the officers tactics as being overly aggressive and lacking justification. As we witnessed from the Flagstaff rookie slain less than two months ago, officers  often have a split-second to make a critical decision. One observation is true: an officer’s ability to recognize and discern verbal and non-verbal cues is vital to being successful in today’s policing.”

More information available at VICE.





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