Put your functional fitness to the test

By Calibre Press  |   Feb 24, 2015

Think you can beat Greg? Give it a shot and you’ll have a chance to win free Street Survival Seminar tickets! Here’s how:

  1. Sprint 400 meters; then
  2. Immediately perform a one-repetition, maximum-effort bench press.

Note: “Immediately” means within 10 seconds of completing the run or the lift will not count. Do not factor the 10 seconds into the equation below. Note the score might be very low, or even “negative.” With time, your score will improve, along with your strength. Use a spotter!

Subtract your one repetition maximum effort bench press from your run time (in total seconds). For example:

  • Bench press = 275 lbs.
  • 400-meter time = 1:30 (90 seconds)Score = 185 (275 bench press – 90 second 400-meter run/275 – 90 = 185)

Ideally, Officers reach a level of fitness where the 400-meter run is performed within 1:30, and the bench press is 1 ½ bodyweight or more. Scores over 150 are good and show adequate strength at high heart rate. Once the score approaches 200, your nearing truly elite levels of conditioning. Needless to say, scores can be improved by running faster, bench-pressing more weight, or doing both at the same time! My best and most recent score is 215 (1:20 400 meter followed by a 295lb. bench: 295 – 80 = 215).

Can you beat this score? Submit a YouTube video link of your best score to Crawford with your time in the subject line. The top three scores receive a complimentary passes to attend the Street Survival Seminar!

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