Weekly Briefing: January 26, 2015

By Calibre Press  |   Jan 26, 2015

Officer Down:

Director of Investigations John Gorman was accidentally shot and killed during a training exercise at the Mississippi Gaming Commission’s office in Robinsonville, Mississippi.  A firearm being used by another agent was accidentally discharged and the round struck Director Gorman.

Motor Officer Mike Kern suffered a fatal heart attack while on duty and detailing his department motorcycle in preparation for a planned presidential escort during an upcoming visit by President Barack Obama.

Detective John Stevens succumbed to injuries sustained two weeks earlier in a single vehicle accident on Dover Road in Lacey Township.

Cont. David Wynn, an officer ‘gravely’ wounded in a shooting at a St. Albert casino has passed away.  Wynn was shot at close range as he investigated a stolen vehicle in the casino’s parking lot.

Border Patrol 5%ers:

Agents told deputies they had apprehended four smugglers and were following a fifth when that person exchanged gunfire with a Border Patrol agent.

“The agent tried to arrest him, a struggle ensued, the alien pulled a firearm and fired a round or two at the agent,” said Border Patrol RGV Sector Chief Kevin Oaks.

The smuggler was shot several times and taken to the Starr County Hospital, where he died.

The agent wasn’t injured.

Officer Shot:

Sioux City Police Officer Kevin McCormick was shot in the head during a traffic stop in the 1300 block of West Fourth Street.

Officer McCormick was struck once in the head but continued to provide information to responding units.  He survived and returned to duty later that year.


U.S. Not Expect to Fault Officer in Ferguson case.  Justice department lawyers will recommend that no civil rights charges be brought against Darren Wilson.

A man is accused of jumping into Officer Jeffrey Swett’s squad car and driving it at both officers.  One officer fired four rounds at the subject, wounding him in the leg.  Officer Swett suffered a broken leg, two broken wrists, a fractured vertebra and serious head injuries.

Officer involved shooting in Bridgeon, NJ.

Officer involved shooting: Muskogee, OK. The officer had a split second to recognize the threat and react. Although what appears from the video completely justifies the actions of the officer, many uninformed viewers will voice contrary, and highly critical, opinions.


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