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By Calibre Press  |   Jan 31, 2015

On Thursday, January 29, 2015, Dallas F McIntosh M/B 30 years of age came before the Honorable Robert Haida in St Clair County for his sentencing hearing for his role in the attempted murder of two FHPD officers, which occurred in Fairview Heights in September 2012. Judge Haida sentenced McIntosh to 40 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

McIntosh has previously pled guilty to two counts of aggravated battery to a police officer, the distribution of cannabis and aggravated fleeing and attempting to elude police from the incident which occurred at approximately 2 a.m., September 25, 2012. During the incident a Fairview Heights Officer, Jeff Stratman was patrolling in the area of North Ruby Lane and Ludwig Drive. While in this area Officer Stratman spotted a dark colored, newer model passenger car driving slowly on the parking lot of the Fairfield Inn. Officer Stratman recalled the description of a suspect vehicle in numerous burglaries to vehicles on hotel parking lots to be a newer, dark colored passenger car. These burglaries normally occurred during the early morning hours. It appeared to Officer Stratman when the driver noticed the patrol car he quickly drove off the lot westbound on Ludwig Drive. Officer Stratman began to follow to investigate the vehicle further when he observed the driver commit an Illinois Vehicle Code violation when he made a quick lane change without properly signaling.

Officer Stratman conducted a vehicle stop of the vehicle on St Clair Avenue at the intersection with Fairview Drive in Fairview Heights. Officer Stratman made contact with the driver, McIntosh, and a female passenger, advised the reason for the stop and was provided identification and insurance information from the occupants then returned to his patrol vehicle. While Officer Stratman completed a warning notice to McIntosh for the traffic infraction an FHPD K9 officer, Jeff Blair, arrived to conduct a sniff of the exterior of the vehicle with his K9 Demi. While the sniff was being conducted Officer Blair observed a positive reaction for the presence of narcotics inside the vehicle from K9 Demi. By this time a third FHPD officer, Tony Flinn, arrived on scene.

Now having probable cause to search the vehicle and occupants the officers re-approached the vehicle with Officers Stratman and Flinn approaching on the drivers’ side. Stratman attempted to open the driver’s side door however it was locked. Stratman motioned for McIntosh to open the door McIntosh immediately pulled a large handgun up as the door swung open aiming it at Officer Stratman. McIntosh stood with the firearm facing toward Stratman and Flinn fired several shots at the officers, first at Stratman then at Flinn. One bullet from McIntosh’ gun struck Stratman at center mass from close range. The bullet luckily struck a Maglite flashlight Stratman held in his left hand. Shrapnel from the bullet struck Stratman in both of his hands.

Officers took cover and returned fire at McIntosh, who retreated into his vehicle. After a period of time McIntosh drove away westbound on St Clair Avenue. An Illinois State Police broadcast was sent out to area departments with a description of the vehicle and of the incident. A short time later Caseyville Police Sergeant, Frank Moore located the vehicle traveling westbound on St Clair Avenue at IL RT 157 and began to pursue. By this time Officers Flinn and Blair were able to catch up to officers pursuing McIntosh. The pursuit traveled through E St Louis and into Centreville where they observed McIntosh drive to his residence on Pershing Blvd. McIntosh and his passenger were taken into custody without further incident.

McIntosh received gunshot wounds from the gun fire exchange and was taken by ambulance to St Louis University Hospital. Officer Stratman was also taken to an area hospital and treated for wounds he suffered to both hands.  Although the officer suffered injuries from the incident it may have been much worse as the Maglite flashlight he was carrying took most of the damage caused by the bullet.

Officer Stratman has since retired with a medical disability from the wounds to his hands.

The passenger in McIntosh’ vehicle was not harmed during the incident.

The Fairview Heights Police Department would like to thank all of the area departments who assisted in this case. We would also like to thank the St Clair County State’s Attorney, Brendan Kelly for personally handling the sentencing hearing as well as all of his staff for their hard work.

*Sentencing guidelines make it mandatory for McIntosh to serve 85% of his sentence and then serve a three year period of mandatory supervised release. McIntosh will in prison until he is at least 62 years old.

Information and video courtesy of the Fairview Heights Police Department.

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