Video: Officer Involved Shooting

Bridgeton Police Department releases dashcam video of fatal shooting

By Calibre Press  |   Jan 21, 2015


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“Show me your hands, show me your (expletive) hands!” Days says, as Worley approaches the driver’s side with what appears to be his gun drawn. The driver puts his hand out of the window and Days appears to attempt to open the passenger side door, as he says “Don’t (expletive) move!” repeatedly.

“Get ’em out the car, Rog. We’ve got a gun in his glove compartment,” Days said.

Days reaches through the window and retrieves what appears to be a silver object, removing it from the car.

They continue to tell the men inside the car not to move, and try to open up the front doors of the vehicle.

“I’m telling you, I’m telling you! Keep your (expletive) hands right there. Eh, eh, Jerame, you reach for something, you’re going to be (expletive) dead,” Days said.

Days shouts, “He’s reaching! He’s reaching!”

In the passenger seat, Reid, 36, can be heard what sounds like “let me out of the (expletive) car” and seconds later, the passenger side door opens and Days goes backward.

Reid gets out of the car with what appear to be his hands in front his chest.

Both Officers discharge their weapons.

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